Devs only: Customised ELF binary ?


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Is anybody experienced enough to write their own customised ELF binary?

I think we should have one for a "Customised Settings screen" displayed directly on the Humax.
It should be written so that ideally it picks up the strings and actions from a separate editable file to enable the maximum flexibility and also so that once the ELF is written, it should not need to be edited again.
I think writing anything to output to the screen is going to be pretty hard without access to a copy of the SDK. I've poked about disassembling some of the libraries (particularly libnexus) and the function names are at least preserved, but knowing exactly what they do, and reverse engineering the parameters they take would be pretty dam hard. There is a chance that the humax configuration screen is entirely data driven (I've not looked into it) but I doubt they'd make it that easy.

One plan I've used a little, for changing "options" and triggering stuff in the customised firmware directly from the box is to set up scripts running in the background that monitor the existence of directories, which can then be created or deleted from the media browser on the box.

For example in a directory called "Settings" I have a directory called "BootHRDMode". If I delete the direcory a script executes, that reboots by HD box using the HDR elf (and recreates the directory for next time). For settings you could simply have directories that you rename from *on to *off. that are monitored periodicaly by background scripts. Alternatively we could have a subdirectory called "On" and another called "Off", and move folders between them (may be less painful than renaming).