Different Titles between Web-IF and the TV file browser.


Hope all is well.

I have noticed some files which the Web-IF gives as having a title as it would be if the De-dup had worked. Yet the original browser on the TV gives the old tiles and when I click on the file in Web-IF it also gives the original title. If I try to run de-dup manually it gives the titles as if they were already and changed not as displayed on the TV.
Not sure what else to check.

Don't think it's a version problems although I'm all updated.

Thanks for any help.:)

Ezra Pound

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There a several different 'names' that are attached to a recording, they are usually the same BUT they can be different. The 3 'names' that come to mind are :-
1) The Folder name
2) The File Name
3) The recordings Title

If you click on a single recording in the Web-If you can see the Title Name at the top and the '4 files in a set' File names (Picture HERE) this may give a clue as to what is going on.


Thanks Ezra.
All the file names are changed but the recording title remains the same.

Hope that helps make it clear. It's not major, could just fix the few manually just not sure why it's happened.

Black Hole

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I'm a bit confused. The name that is displayed on the Humax media list on TV is separate from the actual file name stored in the file system (as displayed in the WebIF). Either is editable in the WebIF rename option.


I just renamed them.

I guess this shows that de-dup only checks file name not recording title. Not really a problems as they are normally in sync.
Not having a few files in sync has shown me that the Web-IF uses the file name, while the browser on the TV uses the recording title.

Thanks for all the support, even on such a hot day. :cool:

count black

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Hi, i have a similar problem. If i rename the files in WebIf (or even on the Hummy) they show the synopsis rather than the proper program title; drives my wife nuts. It definately updates the filename as if i copy the files off the Hummy to a PC then the names are correct. Any ideas?