Digital Media Server compatibility



Hi all,
I've been waiting with baited breath for Humax to officially roll out the digital media server before I buy the HDR-FOX T2, but am still not sure whether it'll actually work for me.
I have a Sony BDP-S370 bluray player which I'd like to stream to over a hardwired network (so I can actually have the same functionality I used to have back in the days of VHS, being able to watch the same recording in more than one place, perish the thought!), but has anyone actually tried this or knows whether it should work or not?
Thanks in advance,

- Davegeo
Is your Bluray player proven to stream from another DLNA server? If so you have a good chance (standard def only).
Is your Bluray player proven to stream from another DLNA server? If so you have a good chance (standard def only).

Yeah it currently streams from my Twonky server running on a Linkstation drive over the same network.
Hi - I currently have the same problem.
I've recently bought an HDR Fox-T2 and was looking forward to using the new media server features.
However, I'm having problems playing files from the Humax on other devices. All other network services work fine (e.g. iPlayer, and streaming media via Serviio from my desktop pc).
All my other devices (a desktop, a laptop, Sony E370 BluRay and Sony S370 BluRay) see the Humax and the files it contains, but only the desktop PC can successfully play the Humax files. All of these devices work fine with Serviio.

Any ideas, anyone?
If all your devices see your Hummy that suggests to me the network is fine. Remember the Hummy outputs .ts files and these devices must be capable of playing them. I had problems on a pc because I did not have the right codecs installed. If you are running windows 7 then WMP should have the correct codecs if not install KLITE codec pack, also windows 7 WMP has dlna built in so no other network required. No idea with the blu-ray devices other than can they play .ts files ?
I took the plunge tonight and fired up WMP + K-Lite (Win7/64 Home Premium). WMP sees the Humax content, but wouldn't play it until I installed K-Lite 7.5.0. The download site said it was best to use the 32-bit codec pack, so I did. However, although I can now attempt to play content, it is a poor show. Stuttery sound, video just broken-up stills (StDef of course). Humax was probably busy recording at the time, does that make a difference? Any settings I need to check in the codecs?

Only curiosity really, but I would like to get it working before I then move on to Samba shares and ignore DLNA altogether.
I had a similar experience, It was working fine, ( I know " if it ain't broke don't fix it" ) updated my codecs to the one you mention and found exactly the same , so I did a restore to a previous version and it work again. Can only assume new codecs are at fault.
Picked this up from another forum
"I got it working by installing the K-Lite Basic codec pack. After install using the default settings I solved the audio glitches and video stuttering by going to
Start>All programs>K-Lite Codec Pack>Configuration>ffdshow audio decoder. In the configuration window I went to DirectShow control and set 'Multiple ffdshow instances' to 'none-disabled'."
Worth a try !! My version of the codec is at least a year old.
Have you tried XBMC that works but is a fully functioning media server.
ON another thread "Baffled " Splash player seems to be given a green light. Frustrating to say the least, quess I was just lucky mine worked straight away

XBMC does not see the HD content on my hummy shared via standard media share. Windows media player sees it but cant play it properly. My android phone sees the HD content but doesn't try to play it at all.

XBMC does see and play the HD files using mediatomb though...