Digital Switchover and scheduled recordings


I'm sorry if this is covered elsewhere, but I looked around and could not see the answer.

Today is the 1st of two changes to channel allocations in the London area. When I get home I will rescan / re-tune my HDR-Fox-T2, but I wonder if I need to delete scheduled recordings / series linked recordings and re-add them so that they track and record properly?
When you do a re-tune then all scheduled recordings are deleted automatically.
If you have the customised firmware installed, then there is an option to save the schedule and restore it afterwards while automatically updating the tracking information to reflect the new channel numbers/names.
Back home and re-scan done. I didn't realise that a re-scan would remove the scheduled recordings, I just thought they would potentially be unreliable. Sorted now.
Lest we forget, you can actually back up timers even if you don't have the custom software installed.

That's true, but that backup is only any use so long as none of the channels have moved around since it was taken...
. . . and the engineers hidden menu probably won't be of help to the normal hummy owner who does not delve into the finer details like us.