disable-dso not working


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Have got two HDR's now using CF 3.03, my location in S.Wales gives me the dual set of channels from Mendip and Wenvoe so I normally manually tune each box to exclude channels from the other Tx. The one tuned to Mendip I found had been re-tuned early this afternoon I'm assuming due to a caption appearing and not being answered, in fact while manually re-tuning to Mendip it happened again and started to do an auto-retune before I stopped it. The other box on Wenvoe has thus far been unaffected - both have disable-dso package installed.
I am unaware of any configuration necessary for disable-dso so I wondered what is happening as it's not doing much disabling !
It's funny, but my boxes are hardly ever rebooted and they don't suffer these automated retunes. There is an Auto Update entry for 4:30 every morning as well...
Does this retune schedule entry live on some internal database which is only purged by disable-dso on reboot, then ?.
My boxes get a reboot at least once per day