Disabled Plugins


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The short question...
How do I re-enable plugins disabled by the crash reporter?

The long version...
Noticed last night that Redring wasn't working any more.
Fortunately, I remembered reading recently that crashes could cause custom plugins to be disabled.
Checked the crash log, and yes, it was reporting plugins disabled.
Well, I know about the crashes, I had 4 last night. They were nothing to do with the custom firmware, just a problem with a misbehaving USB device.
So I had a look at the wiki (which also says that the crash log shows when plugins are disabled). Unfortunately, I cannot find any reference as to what is disabled and how to re-enable them.
Any clues?
Good question - this is something I also am unsure about. I expect the answer is here somewhere, but it could do with being restated.
Run the fix-flash-packages diagnostic. I think that one's in the drop down list.

Posted on the move; please excuse any brevity.