Disappearing programmes...


A weird thing happened last week in that all my recorded programs disappeared from the library. The previous night I did quite a lot of deleting using the select option, doing several at the same time which left 3 recordings to view.

The next day when I went to look they had all disappeared. I thought I was seeing things, but they had definitely gone. I began to doubt myself and thought maybe I deleted everything by mistake. In the end I thought there are more important things to worry about so just shrugged it off.

Turned the FVP on the next day and hey presto they were back….. bizarre.

It seems it’s not just me though as the friend whose machine I set up a few weeks ago has just told me hers has done the exact same thing. Currently the recording are still missing, so it will be interesting to see if hers come back. She had 3 programmes left the night before as well .....

Has anyone else had this happen?

This is the only problem I have had so far, apart from it keep forgetting my network settings.

Mine is 1TB model and friends is 500GB model just for information
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