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Hi, I have a question which I hope you may shed some light on.
For the fifth morning in a row I've noticed that the web interface has stopped working and disappeared from my Humax HDR-FOX T2 although I can still "ping" it's ip address on my network. I've had to reload the custom firmware (2.21) from a memory stick each time. I'm running 1.02.32 on the main unit.
Could the problem be mains related (spike), network related (my ISP have been dropping the connection and messing about with protocols recently), aerial related or a fault with the Foxy T2 itself? (the diags pass ok). May I have your thoughts on this problem?


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There is an OTA version of 1.03.12 being transmitter that is over writing your firmware, so 1.02.32 + CFW 2.21 is being replaced by the official (non Custom Firmware version) of 1.03.12, if you want to keep 1.02.32 + CFW 2.21 you need to install the disable-OTA package. If you want to keep the new 1.03.12 install HDR_FOX_T2_1.03.12_mod_2.23 on top of the OTAed 1.03.12 and then you won't need to install disable-OTA until 1.03.13 comes along


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Are you sure that you are still on F/W version 1.02.32? Humax are issuing an OTA update to 1.03.12 at the moment. If you box has auto updated, that would render the custom firmware dormant.

Edit. Again, cross post with Ezra!