Discrete Power code for Remote Control


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I am a recent convert from a Toppy to the Hummy HDR T2 (and wishing I had made the move earlier). I've been really impressed by the community support and the tools available. Thanks (have made a donation).

One thing that is missing is a discrete power code that I can use on a programmable remote control. I notice that there is an option for using more than one Humax in the same room by changing the mode. I was wondering if there was any possibility that the custom firmware could control the mode? If it could, then would it be possible to do something like: On power up, set the mode to 1, On power down, set the mode to 2. That way the power button on the remote control would only operate if the Hummy was on. It would be possible to turn the Hummy on by programming a separate button to operate in mode 2.

This approach worked well on the Toppy, so I was just wondering if something similar might be possible on the Humax?


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You can send the code for the zero button. That does nothing if the box is already on but will turn it on otherwise.


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Thanks - I am currently using that to turn the unit on, but I want a power off code, so that I can turn everything off with one macro, regardless of its current state.

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No can do. We have similar problems with the menu navigation - only possible by dead-reckoning, but with no idea where the start point is.


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Would it be possible to program a sequence, rather than an individual code?

If so, then would <zero, pause, power> work?

edit: a bit rubbish though, if it were already off.

The Logitech Harmony system keeps state, so that it knows whether the Humax is currently on or off, and so does the right thing when the "all off" button is pressed. Well, most of the time...