DLNA - "cannot support this file format" error for files >2GB


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Hi, I've recently purchased a 1TB HDR-FOX T2. I'm running firmware 1.02.28 but I've got a bizarre problem when accessing mp4 files from my NAS drive. I have a number of mp4 files that I've created using handbrake (with the same settings). All the files under 2GB play without any problem. Any file over 2GB fails to play and gives the error "cannot support this file format", yet the file was encoded in exactly the same way as the files less than 2GB. Some of the files that do play are around 1.9GB and one of the files that fails is 2.1GB. I've got a 2.2GB mp4 file that I didn't create that also fails. I did suspect a problem with the NAS drive but the files play fine from the NAS drive on my PS3.

Any assistance would be appreciated.
I have not used DLNA since 1.02.20 (apart from proving 1.02.27 cures the 4GB bug). Basically there used to be a problem where the Humax DLNA client only had 32 fingers to count on, so the file index ran out at 4GB-1. I never had a problem accessing 2GB files though, and I'm sure we would have heard all about it if there was a general problem.

It seems to be unique to you, so I strongly suspect your NAS.