DLNA Streaming using XBMC


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As per the title, has anyone had any success streaming to XBMC? I'm in geek mode, trying to get this to work :)

I am running Raspbmc (XBMC on a RaspberryPI) ....

XBMC can see the HDR-1800T Media Server (having scanned UPnP devices), but when I attempt to play one of the recorded (*.ts) files (SD format) all I get is the sound but no video.

I have successfully viewed the video from a Win7 machine via MediaPlayer, and also on an Android phone using Skifta to access the UPnP and MX Player as the viewer.

So possibly it needs some video codec added to XBMC to enable the video to play?
Any ideas what to add/how to enable this ?


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Cheers, will take a look

<edit> looks like an extra codec needs to be purchased from the Raspi Foundation, as to keep down the cost of the Pi they didn't licence everything </edit>
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