Do I need to reinstall the custom firmware?...

Dave F.

I've had the latest FW update 1.03.12. & I'm using windows 7.

Using a shortcut h**p:// I'm now unable to connect to the Web interface. I've checked in Settings that it's the correct IP address. Do I need to reinstall the latest customized firmware or is there another error? I don't remember having to do that after the last FW update.

I still able to connect to the Humax to copy files from it to my PC's hard drive using ffmpeg: ffmpeg" -i "h**p://"

The asterisks are because this forum thinks I might be spam. posting URL's.

Any help would be appreciated

Dave F.

See HERE: ****

Thanks for the reply, but I'm unsure there was any need for the sigh. Not all of us know or understand the minutiae of this software. I checked a few threads for details including the 13 page one "New firmware Version..." . Wouldn't it save you a lot of exasperation on your part if you added any caveats/problems/warnings for users to the first message? Maybe even sticky it? I intentionally didn't post in the CFW forum as I was unsure (as is clear form my post) that that was the problem.

Did this error happen to everyone? As I said I don't remember it happening last time. For my curiosity, as I still can't see it, where's the post that says "There is some new firmware, it will cause these problems..."

Do I recognise this avatar? Are you somebody in disguise?

Ah, you got me! I am Douglas Rain.
We have a user "Fenlander" who uses the HAL avatar, and as your user name includes an initial "F"...

The sigh is because there have already been a fair number of posts "why isn't my CF working", and it is reasonable to expect users to check at least the titles of recent topics before pitching in with the same question again (or at the very least to add their question to an existing open topic, if it has not already been answered). However, we know that users will, and the sigh is really because you are another confirmation of that aspect of human nature.

I am quite certain that anyone who actually reads anything before jumping in with the installation of custom firmware will have been made aware that an OTA update will over-write the CF (thereby removing it). The only difficulty is that it has been so long since the last OTA that loads of casual users have forgotten. There are adequate preventative measures.