does factory reset delete any recordings?


I'm having severe problems with this .28 firmware (at least they all started when it appeared) so
I'm going to do a factory reset and re-install.

Having done all the maintenance I can think of such as manually deleting orphaned files
running e2fsck and re-installing all the mod packages - I am still getting many problems
such as 0 length files (4 of them saturday) and strange hard resets and so on.

I've discovered some things about the errors (such as 0 length files often are not 0 length in fact)
but cant see any connection between them.

So I'm resetting and re-installing a clean .28 and mods to see if its just firmware patching issues.
I will report here if anything improves.
If it doesnt I'll do it again back to .20 firmware as that worked perfectly for me.

so - will this reset trash my recordings - anyone know?