Does hummy DLNA support music & photo's?


I use to Mezzmo to stream video, photo's & music to my Toshiba TV and I have been exploring the HDR-FOX T2's DLNA capabilities. I can easily see my PC and Mezzmo on my network and I can play video's using either, however, the quality of video's using the Windows 7 facilities is as ever very poor, fortunatly Mezzmo delivers very good quality. But although I can see my folders containing music & photo's I cannot see any of the files in these folders so I just wondered whether the hummy supports music & photo files.
Yes, I believe it does but you need to change the media type (Yellow button?) to switch between the different types of files.
That's correct.

The curious thing is that until you try to access music/photos, the DLNA client only shows you the video folders. Once you have accessed music/photos, it shows you the music/photo folders even when you have the media type set to video.
Now you mention it I did see the button but didnt realise what it was for, as you say its not logical. Mind you there are a few things that are 'not quite right' with the software, just a shame Humax havent continued their develop for this model.
I can understand it to a point. Can you imagine scrolling through a folder with mixed videos/photos/music with their lack of sort options?
I asked them to add in the option to "sort by date" over a year ago.. that's obviously too difficult and time consuming. :mad:
They are limiting the lists down by type to try to avoid confusion.

What they don't seem to get a grip of, is telling the user how 'their system' works.
An updated manual would be nice eh Humax... you know, that explains the stuff thats been added on or changed since v1.00..! lol :rolleyes:

Even Bob (who was/is Chief Technologist for Humax), who used to grace the DigitalSpy forums and did visit the to say goodbye and then hello again has stopped posting out useful information (although I think he's been shipped off to Korea now).
Quote "I can understand it to a point. Can you imagine scrolling through a folder with mixed videos/photos/music with their lack of sort options?"

I should have thought that people would sort files on their PC so this facility only duplicates things and because of that it is just a nuisance, but a sort on date would be helpful
The gripe I have is that my 9200 displays radio recordings seperately (I used to think they were stored in a seperate folder, but something changed my mind of that) and to find the lisst to play you needed to do the "radio/TV" button to swap to them from the video recordings, but the Fox just lumps them all together without distinguishing them in the list.