Does it matter what router I use for DLNA?

Andy MacRae

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I have my FOX T2 box attached to the network via the Humax dongle. The router I use is the one supplied by plusnet (sorry, not sure what make/ model it is). When I try to 'play' images from my HTC desire/ Windows 7 netbook to my FOX T2 it seems to take a while for each picture to pop up (anywhere between 5 and 15 seconds).

I can use iplayer on the TV portal fine, but only seem to have problems with DLNA. Would my router be the problem, is there a minimum I should aim for when getting a router to work?

How do you mean "play" , are you trying to use the windows 7 command " play to " because that doesn't work for me . Could be your wifi speed . How far is your router from your laptop and your Humax ? I use to find jerky playback but for other reasons I moved my router to within 5 meters of my humax and now everything works a treat. Doesit work the other way ie can you see your Humax in WMP and can you play videos ?
Sorry, play was just a generic term I used. The images stream fine, but it takes a long time for the picture to change from one to the next. I presumed it would only be 1 to 2 seconds max for a new image to appear on the screen.

WMP shows the Humax fine, but I dont think my Humax sees WMP.

My wifi speed is around 45mb and the router is in the same room, about 4 meters away.
I don't know for sure, but I would think you should look for a picture dwell time in the Humax settings. Doesn't sound like a network issue to me, more one of the actual app that is accessing the photo files.
Ok think I miss-red your post. I presume you're playing back still pics, you can change the speed of the slide show I think. I'll have a look
I have a wired connection and it's still painfully slow to switch from one image to the next.
Thanks, but I dont think its the slide show speed. It happens when I press the next/ forward button on my phone, so the request is being sent but it takes an age for the file to be displayed.

If its happening on a wired connection, then i'm guessing its not my routers fault (sorry router).

Does anyone else have this problem, or are your pictures displayed quickly?
Just checked !! On slideshow between each slide there is approx 4 secs of black. Obviously there is no "next" buffer and each slide is loaded from the pc . I think a lot depends on the size of the slide file( mine are nearly 3 meg each). Anyone know how to stop the slideshow/increase the time on screen