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Should we have daily backups?

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Good Morning,

It's that time of the year, since last year the hosting company this site uses sold out to another company. The renewal price is slightly more expensive.

New renewal price is £59 a year - without daily backups or £79.99 with daily backups.

Any questions just shout.




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Do you currently receive enough donations to cover running costs now? If you do, and even have more than enough, then it might well be a good idea to have daily backups. However, if you struggle to cover costs now, then, perhaps your decision is made. I have no issue in donating to this forum and I am sure you are aware, Michael, I have.



I know exactly who has donated and by how much, not that that matters too much. Donations generally cover the hosting and a little more that I put aside for odds and ends such as the license for the forum software. I have been paying for Daily Backups myself for the last 6 months or so - it's nice to have - just in case.

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Backups are a good idea, but daily? Not necessary that often, in my opinion, but is it either that or none? The admin can always make his own backups, as often as required, but maybe it's worth paying the extra to lose the responsibility.

I abstain - the OP should make his own mind up.


Donations have covered the renewal this year but they are always welcome to go towards other costs like domain and forum software renewal.


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Who ever reads adverts? They are more an annoyance than anything, like a trip wire waiting for someone to accidentally walk into it!
I've found some of the recent ones actually useful/interesting. Unusual I know and this is probably the only site I use that I have an ad-blocker exception in place for... It's a shame that we've had the set of <insert nationality here> dating ones, I definitely have adult content disabled!

Google adsense rules prevent me from saying much but it's certainly possible that the current adverts will cover at least half of the running costs, just by being displayed - and more if any are interesting enough to be clicked.