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Downloading Decrypted Recordings to PC - Including HiDef

Black Hole

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Thanks to experiments/observations posted by 'culbin' (relevant post HERE - click), the non-CF method for downloading decrypted StDef recordings directly to PC can be extended to include HiDef recordings. This applies to HDR-FOX users who do not wish to use custom firmware (there are more convenient methods with custom firmware), HDR-2000T users (for whom there is no custom firmware at present), and presumably HDR-1800T users also (to be confirmed).

In summary: by applying the Foxy process to unlock HiDef recordings for decrypt-on-copy and then forcing the DLNA indexer to re-index the recording, the recording becomes streamable and grabbable from the PC (when the HDR and the PC are connected to the same network).

For details please see the main topic: