Downloading multiple files.


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I can successfully download a single file to my PC by ticking the check box and selecting download from the option box. When a check several files only the first one downloads presumably because the download come as an option box against that file. Is there a way to mark several file to download so I can set it and leave it to get on with it?


That's what I expected. Unfortunately what I have to do is click Opt+/download for each file, though they can download concurrently (in Chrome browser).

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If pre-decrypted, you might find it more satisfactory to use FTP, or to load the samba package and then use Windows file sharing to access the Humax drive in File Explorer, rather than relying on WebIF download option (which does, admittedly, decrypt in the process whereas you would need to decrypt before download for the others).


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Thanks FTP was the way to go . Downloaded FileZilla a freeware FTP client ,Already had auto decrypt on. Thanks for your help.