Drama (20) channel, i can't Re-Tune !


Hi All, Jeez, i got my ear bent a minute ago, when i realised that i hadn't ReTuned my Humax to get the Drama channel, i should have ReTuned in July !!

So I thought Easy Peazy i can ReTune easily !!!.

NOT POSSIBLE, for some reason the Automatic Search is not available. It should be under INSTALLATION BUT Menu/Settings/Installation is GREYED OUT

I have never had this problem before, please what should i do ?.

Is there a reset button i can press somewhere ?. The password is the Default 0000 so i know that isnt a problem !!, HELP PLEASE.

The menu will be greyed out if the box is busy recording or playing back (or thinks it is!).

If it isn't doing any of that then put it in standby and take it out again and you should be ok.

Don't forget to take a note of the schedule as it will be lost when you retune...

Posted on the move; please excuse any brevity.
Cheers, thanks very much for that, that worked perfectly this morning, it must have been recording something LOL.