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I see that Drama are no better than the rest with their EPG data!


I've been recording Jonathan Creek but they seem to have re-used the series CRID for Land Girls...
Cheers for highlighting this af123, I record Jonathan Creek on my YouView box, and today when I went to watch it, I saw it had recorded both the Friday episode of Jonathan Creek, as well an episode of Land Girls, and popped them in a folder called "Land Girls"! Looking that the schedule, it had nothing for either series, so simply had to re-set it to record the series again, from this coming Friday!
I spotted this on my Tvonics and HD-Fox last week and reported it on the Tvonics forums where I spend most of my time. [Lots more knowledgeable people to help on this forum.] For my take see: http://forums.pulse-eight.com/yaf_p...es-Identifier-for-Jonathon-Creek-Problem.aspx

It seems that the switch has been rectified now with Land Girls and Jonathon Creek back to their original Series CRIDs.

It was also strange, but possibly linked, that the first of the new series of Jonathon Creek started with episode 2 and that the incorrect series CRID episode was number 1.

Drama seem to be playing about with the Series CRID of Jonathon Creek.

This Friday's episode has the "Jack the Ripper" Series CRID and thus was not scheduled to record tomorrow's (20th) episode. I have set up a new series recording.

Last week's episode (when I was away) lasted only 60 minutes and did not end with the credits. Programmes normally last 70 minutes. [Wrong statement.] My Tvonics did not record the programme and the series timer has disappeared.

Cheers Martin for alerting me to today's episode issue, I did email UK TV, and they admitted the first issue, and said they would make sure it didn't happen again!:mad:

Hmm, strange, my YouView box (which I use to record Jonathan Creek episodes) is set correctly!?:D
Not only has the Friday series' CRID changed but also that of the repeat series this coming Saturday - to LX9HVH from LW7G7R.

Looking at the series CRIDs for the series that started when Drama became operational, they all start with "LW7G7" . [There aren't that many of them.]

I've left the original timer on my HD Fox in case it switches back again.

Let's see how the scheduled recordings turn out.

Well Jonathon Creek recorded ok on both my Tvonics and Humax and both are showing timers for the next episode [27/09/13).

Perhaps Drama have decided to use the current series CRIDS (for the Friday and Saturday episodes) for the second season of Jonathon Creek and it was the initial programming at the start that was faulty.

I will have to keep monitoring. :)

Drama seems to be playing about with its Series CRID for "Jonathon Creek". Next week's episode has reverted to its original series CRID.




Seems the best bet is to keep both series running.