Drives keep going "read only!!!"

Brian Davison

New Member
When I try to delete large amounts, the main drive goes "read only" and won't record.
If I try to copy out to a USB Drive (in order to reformat) the USB drive goes "read only".

Any idea what is causing this? It started happening in December, after I had had it set to auto shrink. I took that off but the problem remains

HDR FOX T2 recorder with 1 Gb internal drive, USB 3TB eternal
Software version FHTCP 1.02.32
Lodaer version a7.30
system ID 80BC.7E00
update date 15 Jan 2013
MICOM version 9.3

Brian Davison

New Member
I'll try that, although it seems odd that it should affect not only the internal drive, but any drive I attach to it, drives that were fine before the fault developed.