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I'm aware that accessing the webif has from external network has been covered already but I have a specific question RE dropbear. I have set up dyndns and the firewall rules for the webif that work sucessfully but the same rules do not work for dropbear. I assume Im missing something obvious in the settings for dropbear - can someone more familiar with linux perhaps provide some help?

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dropbear runs on port 22 so you need to arrange for that to be port-forwarded in addition to port 80 for the webif.
The authentication on dropbear isn't very strong by default - just username root and password humax - although you can make it strong by using private key authentication and disabling the password. If that's of interest I'll write it up on the wiki when I get a chance.
I have the port forward set up for 22. Is there any reason it would choose to reject a connection from the external network?
No, assuming the webif works (proves good routing).

Does it works from inside?

I know a couple of people use this to get remote access.
Webif works both internally and externally. Dropbear works internally, but doesnt work externally (using neither the dyndns name, nor the ip). The port forwarding is correct at the router (port 22). I initially assumed Sky Broadband might be blocking the port but I cant find any evidence they do so - might be worth trying a different port but im not sure how to switch it. Im at a bit of a loss.
It does sound like your ISP might be blocking it. Can you change the port forwarding in such a way as to leave the internal port set to 22 but change the external port to something else?

Otherwise it should be possible to move dropbear to a different or additional port by changing the startup script to specify the port number, but I'll need to look at my box to get the right syntax.
I dont think my router is clever enough to forward one port to another so will probably be a case of needing to change the port. Appreciate your help on this - Ill write up the solution on the wiki if / when I find it.
Its the Sangem F@ST2504 but it runs Skys version of the firmware that strangles a few features.