[dropbear-ssh] Updated with web interface plugin


Staff member
I've released an updated version of the dropbear-ssh package. It adds a web interface component that allows a couple of configuration items to be tweaked through the web interface settings page, as well as an option to turn off the default telnet server.

Why have I got Dropbear installed? Is it a dependency? I have read that it is a dependency for rsync, so why have I got rsync installed?
No idea : ) What do you see if you click on the info link alongside the installed package? In some cases, it will tell you why it was installed. Try and remove it, if it is a dependancy for something else you use then the removal will fail with an error message which will identify the cause.
I know you think I must have installed it myself, but I can't think of any reason why I would. The only dependencies listed are the ones I mentioned (including the dependencies of rsync). I'm pleased that trying to remove it will not have any knock-on effects though.
I updated the dropbear-ssh package the other day to the latest version which supports newer ciphers and elliptic curve DH.
It is /significantly/ faster at initial negotiation and a worthwhile upgrade for anyone who uses SSH to access their Humax.
It's still taking me by surprise every time I connect.