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DSO - backup/restore recording schedule.


Staff member
With DSO phases occuring for many of us this week, just a reminder that if you want to use the backup/restore functionality in the custom firmware, make sure you are running custom firmware version 1.11 and the latest version of the web interface.

Just done my own rescan and restore with no problems.

Restoring scheduled events...
Restoring Torchwood: Miracle Day
  Service number has changed 458861 -> 458875, fixing.
Restoring QI
  Service number has changed 393316 -> 196637, fixing.


webif 0.6.8-2
Just done a backup of my scheduled recordings using webif.

Rescanned my TV channels, and have tried to restore the schedule.
The alert said to reboot and add one new recording, I've done that but the HDR shows no scheduled recordings!!

Looking via the web interface I see, lots of "Pending Scheduled Events", and One Scheduled Event.

How do I get them all into scheduled ?


Staff member
Are you running the modified firmware version 1.11? If not, install that and then the entries should move across correctly.

Alternatively, install the rs package and then log in and run /mod/boot/rsvsync and then restart the box using the remote control.


Worked well for me.. wasn't running the very latest WebIf, but it wasn't that out of date either. Everything seemed to restore fine.. I'll find out when it mis-records Dr Who ;-)