DTR 1010 keeps showing volume bar


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Morning All, I have a DTR1010 which i purchased direct from Humax (Graded) in Dec 2013. Been fine until this morning. Now it keeps displaying the volume bar on the TV every 2-3 seconds and eventually switches itself off. Ive removed the remote batteries in case it was that but still the same.
Performed a reset but still the same

I have emailed Humax support and waiting for their response.

Anybody else had the same problem?


Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
Cover the unit with a thick cloth / towel to prevent any kind of IR interference reaching the sensor. Does it still do it?


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Thanks for your suggestions guys. I have put a towel over the front of the unit and it continues to show the same fault. Humax support have replied to my email and made suggestions along the same lines. It's a strange one but looks like it may be linked to the fault highlighted by montyseviltwin above.

I will keep you inform as to the outcome.

Thanks again,