DTR-T1000 has started crashing


Hi Everyone,

my DTR-T1000 has started crashing over the last couple of weeks.
It only seems to happen when watching a recording or when recording a programme (either in Standbye or whilst watching another recording). It's because of this that i believe it might be a failing HDD.
Whilst watching a recording, the screen goes blank for a split second , the picture and sound return (often for a a good 10 mins), it goes blank again and either returns with a frozen screen or stays blank.
The remote is ignored and the display on the front of the box is frozen (i.e. no longer scrolls).
The onyl way out of it is to reboot the box. Sometimes a soft reboot is sufficient, sometimes it has to be powered off at the back.

I haven't seen it happen when watching live tv - but i don't do that very often - or when watching stuff on Demand (e.g. Sky Movies).

I saw MontysEvilTwin's posts but it's not quite the same problem.

What do you guys think? does it sound like a failing HDD? If so, how easy is it to replace with a new one?

I have done several maintenance mode resets - Internet/USB Recovery keeping recordings and deleting recordings. I have not done a Factory reset. I imagine the maintenance mode reset that deletes recordings formats the HDD anyway?
could losing a connection to the internet cause the box to crash?
I was just watching a recording and approx 18 mins in i got the blank screen i mentioned before. As i looked at the screen i saw a brief message saying that the youview box had lost connection to the net and i should check my router etc. The remote stops responding and boom, the box is gone.
Looking at the router it did seem that there was an issue with the internet.
Once restored I did a soft reboot of the hummy and it's ok now (not sure for how long).
my dtr t1000 is freezing when it loads up tryed reset it and doing update keeps stopping an hold at the progressing an not moving from there :/