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Hi all,

On my old Freeview Humax (non-Youview) I was able to quickly FWD and REW by using the circular silver cursor wheel-type thing on the remote. It took only seconds to navigate to any part of a recorded program. With this BT T2110, I can only use the buttons, which FWD and REW considerably slower, making navigation painfully slow. Even at the mazimum of x30, it's still awfully slow.

In other words, the old box had a random access navigation feature, whereas the new box is like using a tape player. Yeuch!

Have I missed something? Is there a different way to jump quickly?

Thank you. :)
Once the virtual tape is loaded into the Youview you can jump repeatedly 15 seconds back or 60 seconds forward by keeping the jump back/forward button pressed.

For an alternative method you will need to stop the tape and load it at a different position:
Starting from watching a recording:
1/ Press stop
2/ Look at the time bar that is displayed
3/ Identify where you want to jump to
4/ Work out whether you are already close to the place you want to jump to or if the start or end is closer
5/ If the Start is closer then press the jump back button to skip to the start of the programme
6/ If the End is closer then press the jump forward button to skip to the end of the programme
7/ Use the fast forward and fast forward to position the starting point for where you want the tape to start playing
8/ You can then either press 'Play' or 'OK' to start the tape at your desired location.
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You can just input a time when you select the recording to jump to that time. So if you're watching a recording and you're 30 mins in but want to get to 90 mins; press: stop, 9,0, ok.
Ah! It's a little slower than the old Humax but at least it is possible. Much happier now.

Thank you both and Merry Xmas to you!