Dual playback?


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I use my PVR-9300T as a freeview box for TV and radio. I've got it linked to my audio amp by phono cables and telly by SCART.

Is it possible to use it as a freeview to the telly, whilst playing a previously recorded radio show to the phono output?

The wife and me have opposing tastes on telly soaps and radio 4 and if this is possible it would mean I could happily listen on headphones while she watches something.
Sadly not. There is only one output stage that outputs the same content to all the outputs. An additional el cheapo freeview box will do what you want to do. I take it your TV does not have a built in Freeview tuner
Thanks for that. You're correct my telly doesn't have a built in freeview tuner. The missus was pleased when the PVR replaced the old freeview box and VCR. I don't think sneaking the freeview box back would go down too well.