Duplicate entries in Schedule


The Dumb One
Whi;s having a poke around in THIS thread, I checked my schedule (from the T2) with the webif and found it to be all present and correct. I then had a look at some recent backups and found the latest one included the same data. I did a restore of that data and rebooted. I then had another look at the schedule (from the T2) in the webif and found that nearly all the entries were duplicated.
I then checked a duplicate of each entry and hit the 'Delete Selected; button. I then found that all the entries in the schedule were up for deletion if I rebooted. I have not rebooted in case there are any checks you want me to do before doing so.
Q1 Why were all my entries duplicated?
Q2 Why are all the entries, both original and duplicates, marked for deletion?