Dynamic DNS not updating (no-ip.com)


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I loaded the customised firmware the other night. Installation was straightforward and all seems to be working great... but I can't get dynamic DNS working.

I signed up with no-ip.com and entered my account details on the Hummy WebIF. It seemed to be accepted OK but the Hummy isn't updating no-ip.com. I can tell this because my router reboots whenever I change any settings on it, and it's rebooted a few times over the past days. This has meant my external IP address has changed, but when I run "nslookup <my-no-ip-host>" then the returned IP address is out of date.

Do I need to do anything else on the Hummy to enable dynamic DNS updating?
Not clear from your statement:
Have you installed the inadyn package?

If so have you set up the corresponding Dynamic DNS parameters on the WEB-if settings screen?

Both are required to get DDNS working.

I'm not sure what triggers the Humax to update the DDNS server, but I suspect it may be stop/start of the Humax rather than the router. Perhaps AF123 can clarify.

So has the Humax been restarted between restarts of the router and checks on the DDNS site?

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Hello, thanks for responding. To answer your questions:

- yes, the inadyn package is installed and I have rebooted the Humax several times since installing it.
- yes, I have entered the parameters in the WebIF setup screen. Provider, username, password and hostname are all set.

I guess how it should work is whenever the Humax boots it should contact no-ip.com with the credentials to enable no-ip.com to update the IP address it holds against my account. But the IP address which no-ip.com stores against my account has never been updated.

I was wondering whether I needed to run anything at the Humax command line to get things started?
DOH! I just realised my own mistake... I'd put "simonlangford @ no-ip.org" as the hostname in the WebIF instead of "simonlangford.no-ip.org". Once I corrected it then everything has updated nicely.

[I had to insert the 2 spaces in the @ username above as the forum won't let me post links!]

Thanks for your time and apologies for the schoolboy error ;-)