Editing in a Locked Topic

Black Hole

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I might be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure that the edit button used to be active on posts (that I owned of course) in locked topics. Now I find it isn't, and the various topics I created and the mods kindly locked are in need of / will need updating.

Is there some special property or privilege that might have changed that can be put back?
I don't think that anything has changed with regard to locked threads. If it is locked it should not be able to be edited or replied to without it being unlocked first.
There is no problem unlocking a thread if required though.
Is there an alternative to locking which closes the topic to replies?

I could do with updating the three NEW READERS START HERE topics (in the HDR/HD/Custom forums).
The only options are open or closed to replies. The padlock symbol indicates a thread that is closed to further replies.