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Editing TS with subtitles


New Member
Newbie here. I have a 9200 on its last legs, and a nice new manager's special 9150. I'm thinking of getting an HDR-FOX T2 to replace the 9200, and have the following question. When saving an SD recording to USB, is it saved as a Transport Stream, with DVB subtitles intact, so that I can edit it in VideoRedo? Can I then play the edited file back from the USB, again with the subtitles available?
Another question, would it be possible to view .TS files from the 9200 (obtained using HumaxRW) on the HDR?


New Member
Subtitles stay intact when edited with VideoRedo (at least mine do.)
I'll let someone else answer your second query as I've never had a 9200.


Active Member
I'm not at all sure if the 9200 .ts format is directly compatible with the HDR-Fox T2 (try one - suck it and see). However if you load a 9200 file into VideoRedo and save it as an .mpg it will work fine.


New Member
> save it as an .mpg it will work fine.
But no subtitles, presumably? I haven't actually got an HDR-Fox T2 yet, I'm just checking in advance.
Thanks to both for the answers.