Embeded VLC player and de-interlacing


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I have successfully installed the latest custom firmware and it works great. I can stream decrypted HD over my wireless n network.

There is just one problem though, due to the nature of some programming on the HD channels, its sometimes incorrectly flagged as being progressive instead of interlaced. This means the web plugin for VLC doesn't apply de-interlacing and there seems to be no way to change it.

I have set de-interlacing to automatic in VLC, which fixes this problem when the files are played directly, but still not when using the built in web player.

Does anyone have anything similar or a work-around?
I thought the built-in (Web-If) player utilised the VLC plug-in in your browser, in my case VLC Web Plug-in in Firefox, so may be there is a setting somewhere in the plug-in to select interlaced
There is I think, but correct me if I'm wrong, but it has to be written into the code of the applet itself.


Would be great to have this option added to the player.