EPG formatting oddity


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When viewing Monday 18:00 in the EPG (both webif and RS) with a 6 (or 5) hour gridI noticed a formatting glitch that throws off the display.
1-hpkg.tv Remote Scheduling - Mozilla Firefox 04022018 144152-001.jpg
Zak Storm on 206 Pop ends at 18:01 instead of the usual on the hour or 5 minute increment.
Instead of being shown as a very narrow box (or being omitted from the display) it show as 61 minute wide box.
Beyblade Burst on 208 Pop Max which ends at 18:02 displays correctly

2-hpkg.tv Remote Scheduling - Mozilla Firefox 04022018 144520-001.jpg
Using a 4 hour width grid both programmes display correctly

Obviously this is not the most serious bug but hopefully just a simple fix