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EPG Oddity


Traveler 34122
I’ve notice this morning that my wake/sleep timers are an hour ahead when displayed in the WebIF, but correctly displayed when viewing in the SUI and RS.

All scheduled recordings are shown at the correct start/finish times, however.

Schedule recordings are taking place at the correct time.

FYI: I have a wake/sleep timer set via the SUI at 14:00 > 14:29 daily and a reminder (Channel 250) set for 04:00 for 45 minutes daily. It is these that are showing +1 hour, but only in the WebIF.

I have tried manually removing them and the setting them back. Also entered maintenance mode and deleted EPG data, but they still show +1 hour.

However, watching over the boxes at 13:59, they did wake as planned so it isn’t service affecting. Just visually incorrect in the WebIF.


Oops. Just seen Black Hole's Post above mine. Sorry. I was posting using Tapatalk and didn't see it. My bad.
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