EPG Settings for Web-IF


Well-Knwοn Мember
I am getting an error message flash up when attempting to change either the favourite group or the number of hours on the Web-If setting menu for the epg.

Messing about with the favourite groups using the remote still gets the same results. It is occurring with an HDR using Web interface version: 1.0.8-7 and a couple of Web interface version: 1.0.8-4.
The messages are:
"Invalid value for channel_group."
"Invalid value for xpeghours."

Is this something I need to resolve at my end or is there an issue with the Web-If?
Looks as though this was casued by using an old version of a browser. It works fine on the latest firefox.
I have just tried an EPG search and get this: Runtime Error: search.jim:58: can't read "s": no such variable at file "search.jim", line 58
Just downloaded and installed very impressed, but problem with EPG (which shows just fine on my STB)

Home page complains of no cached data - no such table peg.epg

When I goto EPG page, get rt error 359 - child killed by signal SIGSEGV in procedure 'epg' called at file "xepg.jim", line 79 in procedure 'epg' called at file peg.class - line 459 (and 359)

Sorry as a newbie I can't post the exact link

Any clues? (I am a BFBS user oversea)