EPG suggestion - exclude / filter channels from search results


I use the search feature in the Webif EPG a lot and often find an episode of a program repeated multiple times on multiple days and channels (STV, STV HD, STV+1, ITV2, ITV2+1). It's not always easy to pick out the first new broadcast of the program episode amoung all the repeats when scheduling a series recording.
It would be usefull if there was an ability to apply a filter to the search results to remove some of the unwanted channels.
Are you aware that the web-if epg settings has an option to use one of your favourite lists?
Thanks Luke. Was aware but hadn't thought of creating a 2nd favourite list specially for controlling the search results. Much appreciate the suggestion.

Is there a way to see a drop down list on the EPG page so you can quickly pick the favourite list to search?