[epgfix] EPG fix for unattended units left on 24/7


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This is a very simple package which aims to keep the EPG up to date for units left on 24/7 and unattended.

There is a bug in the Humax software which stops it keeping the EPG up to date if you don't playback recordings or change channels etc. Obviously you can't do this if the box is unattended. The effect is that scheduled series recordings stop after 7 days because the EPG has become empty.

epgfix causes a channel change once a day (by default at 4am) for 3 minutes before restoring the original channel it was tuned to. This is enough to trigger the Humax software to keep the EPG up to date.
You need at least a single service on an alternative mux. to the one the box is tuned to for it to work. Changing to a different service on the same mux. was found not to work reliably enough.

There is no user interface, no settings and nothing to configure. The only thing you can change is the time of operation if it is not suitable!
You have to do this manually by editing the /mod/bin/epgfix entry in the /mod/var/spool/cron/crontabs/root file. This is easily available using the File Editor on the WebIf's Diagnostics page.