EPGkeywords remnants; how to get rid of it?


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On the settings page of webif some package settings do not appear ok but instead epgkey... seems to have taken over see pictures. Some like rs setting appear under the main epgkey.. but on clicking them the whole epgkeyword tab closes.
How can I remove these remnants?
On the webif file editor I noticed a file .epgkeyord in mod/webif folder


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Weren't you going to do a full reset? There do seem to be a number of problems with your installation.

Remove the /mod/webif/plugin/epgkeywords directory from the command line or over FTP.
I was but everything got working again and the only anomaly seems to be this.
Indeed the directory you mentioned still exists.
Is there another command to remove that directory? I have tried this suggested by ezra but it did not work opkg --force-remove epgkeywords