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Hi Guys
Can any one tell me what this error code 0803 means on sky player? It has been running for a week with no problems on firmware 1.02.27. I have tried reinstalling the custom portal. Also uninstalled all packages then reinstalled firmware and packages. I have even done all this on the 1.02.20 firmware but still comes up with this code.
Had a look at Sky and the nearest I got was for the Xbox 360 app.

Pretty much means the app is corrupt and requires re-installing which isn't possible on a Humax.
I doubt the code means that on the humax..
It will either be that the service is too busy (time out) or sky have changed something at their end.
As I said before, Sky are the people to ask about error codes with their app.
Got in touch with sky today and they don't offer any support on any fetch tv, is what they call it . Also asked about the code, they don't know what it means either. They said to get in touch with the manufacture of the box. I also get the code even if i am not signed in, so the sky player may be corrupt and nothing to do with sky.
I've had the custom firmware working for a few weeks now - but since Saturday I've started to get the 803 errors too. Watching live channels seems OK for the most part, I get it more when navigating round the UI, and especially when trying to access On Demand content. Looks like Sky may have changed their end of the app.
Yes that's exactly what mine is doing. When the error occurs and you come out of the portal, the box seems a bit laggy until a reboot.
I have tried both versions on custom portal and the versions on Portal xtra1, they all come up with the same error.
Sky Player has not been officially released for the humax box yet - and it may never be! This version was 'found' after a bit of sniffing around the humax portal test site, and as it seemed to work, a couple of people came up with the idea of trying to get it to work before sky/humax wanted it to be working. They (sky/humax) wrote it all, and it runs off their servers in Korea. All the custom portal has done is allowed the box to access it.

Therefore if it does not work for any reason there is absolutely nothing that anybody on here can do to fix it for you. It may well have something to do with which ISP you are using/ how many devices you have set up on your sky go account (max 2 normally, but this may have changed).

for reference I'm on Sky broadband (basically easynet) so that my sky anytime+ would work - but now they have allowed access from other ISP's / other ISP have let them unicast on-demand shows onto their network with the bandwith implications that has for their other customers!

This may well go someway to answer why some people reported that they could get live channels to work (which go via multicast) but not on-demand and hence go via unicast and use up more of the inter ISP bandwidth.

Therefore please feel free to continue to post observations as to what is working, and what is not so that people if they wish can look at trends etc of what’s going on and try and find out common causes etc, however please don't expect any help from the authors of any of the custom firmware/packages unless they are so inclined to investigate these issues (which without wanting to step on anybodies toes - I doubt they will want to as they have given up a large amount of time to coding and disasembaling of the original encrypted hdf files so that the firmware could be moded in the first place.......

I would suggest if you are going to report errors like this, that the bare minimum you should post would be:

Humax box type
Your ISP
Your ACTUAL connected upstream and downstream rates from your modem
Constant/intermitant fault
Exact time/date you noticed it starting
How many boxes/devices you have on your sky go account
The sky packages you have chosen
Where in the UK you are (its not going to work outside the UK!)
Wired/wireless connection (and ACTUAL speed)
Other devices on your netowrk (e.g. sky box, other routers/servers/computers switches etc)
Any fancy routing you have set up to get to the outside world/the outside world to get to you
Any firewall rules you have in places on either inbound or outbound connections
Under 'Help' there is now a statement that Sky Player is no longer available on Humax since May 22. Is that it then or is there a way around it?
Where are you reading that? Where is this 'Help'? On the sky app?

At the end of the day, if Sky or Humax don't want us to access the service, all they have to do is turn it off. Looks like they either might have or are changing something fundamental to its operation.
As has been pointed out several hundred times since we found the app, we are not Sky or Humax and have no control over its content or operation.

I will test my copy today and report back if it's dead or not.
Ok, same on mine.

There is a closure notice on there that reads:
"From the 22nd May 2012 Sky will no longer be available on your manufacurer. Sky TV customers and those with a SkyGo monthly ticket will still have access to TV from Sky on a range of devices including PC, Mac, Laptop, Xbox 360, iPad, iPhone and selected Android smartphones...."

So, for the time being at least, its closed.
Just had a go with sky player, every thing is off, even the live channels now, which i could get even with the error code. What is still available is the sample channel, but who wants to watch that.

Yeah gutted, its like the death of a pet. Ok maybe not....
Has anyone got any contacts at Humax just to get the inside track of whether they did this or are working on it at all?
I know there certainly used to be Humax engineers/ programmers logging onto all the forums, especially Digital Spy.