Ethernet Connection via Powerline Adapter


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Everything working fine except when hummy is in standby (daytimes), the powerline adapter goes into standby too. Switching the box on does not wake the adapter and connection is not made. The manufacturer (of the adapter) tells me that must be because the ethernet port is not delivering enough power to wake the adapter and that it's not possible to switch off it's standby mode. Any ideas anyone?
This is a common problem, old "power hungry" HomePlug adapters used to be on all the time so were fine. What happens is that the adapter doesn't wake up quickly enough to service the initial DHCP requests for the unit to obtain its IP address from the router - nothing to do with Ethernet power, it's just traffic!

I know how this works on an HD-FOX or HDR-FOX, I presume the Foxsat is similar. The way to solve the problem (on HD/HDR-FOX) is to go into the Internet Setting menu, and (with DHCP selected) click "Apply". The HomePlug should be awake and will pass the request on to the router. Having then established your IP settings, change from DHCP to manual.

You should then act to configure the router properly for this, but you will probably be OK without bothering. I will add a reference to more info later.
Thanks for the info, I suggested to Devolo support that it was probably impossible for the box to get its IP settings via DHCP if the adapter was in standby mode (and therefore there was no connection to the router) but they said switching the box on should wake the adapter, at which point it would have a connection and get its IP settings normally from the routers DHCP server. I can set IP manually but the adapter still will not wake from standby when switching the box on.
In my case the HomePlug (Devolo) does wake up, but not before the HDR-FOX times out the DHCP request. Is yours not waking up at all?
No it doesn't seem to - at least the indicator keeps blinking rather than steady. The router is configured with IP address reservation and the box has the correct IP settings. Will use a static IP address to test if I have the situation you describe, then swap out the adapter for another one I have if that doesn't work and post back tomorrow - thanks for your interest so far.
I mean the LED on the Devolo - there is only one, flashes in standby, solid when connected (but can be disabled completely in the software - Devolo Cockpit)
OK using static address outside DHCP range and adapter is waking. Only problem now is getting BBC iPlayer (which often doesn't load at all) and ITV Player (which has distorted picture) to work well and consistently! - new thread?
Should be, both work sporadically ITV is poor - distortion pixelation etc even when it does work. Strange effect is that sound always comes through a minute or so after vision when starting playback - though sound is in sync