exactly what does the custom firmware give?


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hi guys,

i'm thinking of buying a humax hdr fox t2, and notice that there is custom firmware available, i have read snippets of the extras it allows you to do, but i cant find a definitive list, also can the fox t2 play all the catch up stuff iplayer, itv player 40d etc

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The custom software is a hobby project, so it is in a process of development and documentation is not definitive. When you have it installed there is a list in the package management, but the closest to what you want is on the Wiki. I suggest you start with the links below, many of which are topics pinned at the top of the forum index.

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The WiKi List of available features is HERE, also follow the links to NOTES. The Humax can play BBC I-Player catch-up but not itv player, 40d, demand 5 etc