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Norman Verona

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I'm aware I can't plug an external disk into the USB port and view from it but can I transfer recordings from the internal to external disks and back again. I've been through the menu and my head is now spinning but can't see where it will copy from one to the other.



The Dumb One
Yes you can and yes you can. The file transfer method is really cack handed but it is hidden away in the manual somewhere (I think), haven't got time now to look, but it's also been spelled out somewhere on this forum (I think).

Norman Verona

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Oh great one, Gandalf, many thanks. I'll look at the manual, swear at it when it doesn't make sense and then ask how I do it :)


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Are you referring to the Foxsat-HDR ? as the Foxsat-HD does not have an internal HDD.


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I use an external HDD with my Foxsat HDR and can confirm that it works well. Only S L O W L Y