External Hard Drives


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My HDR FoxT2 was being replaced so I copied my archive onto an external drive and copied it back to the new PVR. Now none of the original HD format programs will play either on the new PVR or the external drive. Message is "either program is not available or it is scrambled". Can anybody offer a solution?
many thanks
The HD recordings are encrypted, and will only play back on the box that they were recorded on.
If you had the custom firmware installed, you could have unencrypted your HD recordings so that they would have played on your replacement box.
Thanks brian. Is that the end of the story or can Humax help? I would have thought that exchanges under warrantee would have been allowed for particularly as its only HD content that is blocked
Unfortunately for you, it is probably the end of the story. I don't think that Humax will be able to help.
I would suggest that you should install the CF on your replacement box, and then you will be able to unencrypt new recordings should you ever wish to copy them onto your external HDD.