Failed Recording oddity


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This morning I got a report from RS:

At least one failed recording has been detected in your
media library. The following recording(s) failed:

/FIFA World Cup 2018_ Quarter-Finals/FIFA World Cup 2018_ Quarter-Finals_20180707_1430
I never (intentionally) set up such a recording.
On checking I found I had a series recording in the schedule for ITV for the FIFA world cup series.
It could be some anomaly, or a by product of a week-long holiday and the hot weather.
I tried running the rs/sync - no problems found.
If anyone has useful comment I'd be interested, but am not going to get too excited, and will 'forget' it if nothing further shows.
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According to the RS logs, it was scheduled automatically based on one of your keyword searches. Since none of your keywords would have matched that as far as I can see, the best guess is that the broadcaster made some changes to the EPG data that means that the event ID of something changed between RS triggering the schedule and the command being processed by your box.

Unfortunately I can't see enough information to complete confirm that but I'll look at adding some more diagnostic information to the RS logs to help find the root cause if this ever happens again.
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Ok, I take that back, I can find more information:

06/07/2018 19:42:03       Schedule 8261/16362/2/3/ITV/1530970200/Midsomer Murders
06/07/2018 19:42:04       Trying source service/event ID.
06/07/2018 19:42:06       Trying events at the original event time @8261
06/07/2018 19:42:07       Trying next event Catchphrase
06/07/2018 19:42:07       Trying previous event ITV Racing: Live from Sandown
06/07/2018 19:42:08       Trying nnext event ITV Evening News
06/07/2018 19:42:09       Trying pprevious event ITV Lunchtime News
06/07/2018 19:42:09       No match.
06/07/2018 19:42:10       Trying event at the same time on service 8261.
06/07/2018 19:42:10       Found event - FIFA World Cup 2018: Quarter-Finals
So it was trying to schedule Midsomer Murders on Sat Jul 7 13:30:00 UTC 2018 but couldn't find it on at the time (presumably it had been subsequently cancelled/postponed). It then went into its backup plan for finding what you wanted to record - looking at the two previous and two next events for a match and when it didn't find it, it just scheduled whatever was on at 13:30 as a last ditch attempt.


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Thanks for the info - I had another message of the same character this morning, so I'll have to try to hunt down the Midsomer event and fix it.


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Thanks for the info - I had another message of the same character this morning, so I'll have to try to hunt down the Midsomer event and fix it.
Similar or the same failed recording?
It will keep reporting the same event until you delete the orphan hmt file. I find using the Dustbin button on the RS home page the easiest way to delete orphans.