Failed Recordings that have actualy recorded


I did a retune the other day because of issues with the EPG, since then I have had a few missed recordings.

I didn't think much of them as they were shows I could bare to miss.

Last night though another recording failed so I thought I'd dig a little deeper.

Below is the image from the recording, as you can see it shows that the program did record (or something did as I can't view it on the box)

I thought Id post here before I start ripping the file off the box and trying to play it on my PC.

The info from post #315 worked, deleting the sidecar files now lets me view the recordings, many thanks to yourself and Ezra for the info.

I noticed all the failed recordings were on BBC4 so I have bitten the bullet and updated to the latest firmware, hopefully this will fix any future issues.

I also have the benefit of now having the radio back on the portal.

Fingers crossed for the next week.