Failing to record HD channels


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My mum's DTR-1000 is failing to record any of the HD channels, but successfully records all the SD ones.

The HD channels all show in the EPG, and she can switch to any of them and watch them. She can also tag them to record. But when she subsequently checks the MyView list, they are all shown as 'Failed'. The SD recordings play just fine.

She has performed a retune but it made no difference.

I had exactly the same problem with my own DTR-1000, but in my case a retune fixed it.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any thoughts or suggestions?

Just in case anyone should suffer the same thing at some time in the future, I cured this by performing a full factory reset (can't remember what it's called in the menus, now, but you'll find it).
I've noticed on my HDR-Fox T2 that I also get notification of a failed recording occasionally on HD channels. However the ones that still show up as having a file size greater than zero mbytes frequently play OK except maybe for a tiny break in transmission in the middle which needs to be jumped over.

I put it down to a brief glitch in the transmission which had I been watching live would have been little more than a flicker. I'd have thought this kind of minor fault in transmission would be more normal on HD than SD since the bandwidth requirments are that bit more exacting.

What kind of indication are you getting for signal strength, bearing in mind that 'over-strong' can also give problems?