Failing to wake up for recordings


My box is normally 100% reliable when it comes to recording, but I've noticed a number of times now over the past three or four weeks it has failed to wake up for a recording or reminder, and if I don't manually bring it out of standby, subsequent recordings get missed as well.

I haven't changed anything (ie no new packages) and the symptoms are a bit like the bug that was in Redring a while back (I have Redring installed). Has anyone else noticed anything similar? Has a new version of Redring been released lately (I'm on 2.10). Just trying to think why this has suddenly started happening.
All the following suggestions are a bit 'clutching a straws but here goes, the redring preventing wake-up from standby problem (which is now fixed as far as I'm aware) was connected with the user placing the Humax into standby while it was recording e.g. with the ''ring' either red or purple so that is worth looking for, even though I don't think it is your problem I would temporarily uninstall redring (it will re-install with it's old setting O.K.) just so that you can eliminate it as a possible cause. Other things to check are, the Humax not going into standby properly (hard disk doesn't stop spinning) and possibly looking for any recorded files that don't play (possibly with a 'lightening Bolt' symbol against them. I would state again these are only things to consider
Thanks Ezra. I was going to uninstall Redring anyway just to rule it out, but I don't think it's that, given it hasn't changed in a while.

I've seen the other strange thing with my list of scheduled recordings. I have a daily Reminder set for 04:20 for 20 minutes, which has been there for a long time. A few days ago I noticed there were two entries for it. I could see this in Webif (in normal and raw DB format), in the list of scheduled recordings on the box itself, and in Remote Scheduler. I had no idea how this happened, so I deleted one (via the Humax interface on the TV). This appeared to leave one, but when I then checked it yesterday, both had gone!

I've put it back now, but given I also saw a similar issue using RS (see my post on the thread for that where af123 produced a fix so that RS would use a lock to prevent this happening), I'm wondering if I have some sort of possible corruption in my scheduled recordings DB. Is there a way to reset that, ie wipe it out and start with a new blank one? Maybe it's a corruption that is not manifesting itself when I list scheduled recordings, but is causing duplication of entries occasionally, and screwing up whatever wakes the box to do the recording. I can't think what else it may be.
You could try a factory reset Menu >> Settings >> Installation >> Factory Default. This will clear out the databases and start again. You will have to retune and restore the preferences, and then restore your recording schedule from backup, but existing recordings and CF etc will remain intact.
Given this has been going on for a few weeks, I guess any corruption could have made it's way into the schedule backups, so I have just done a factory reset on it. Fortunately I only currently have half a dozen recordings set, so putting them back was easy.

Fingers crossed this fixes it....
If you followed the link from Exra in post #4 above, you could restore your recording scheduals with a couple of clicks and reboot.

However, and I don't know how likely this would be, I suppose the backup could contain corrupt data. So thinking it through, you were probably right to manually re-enter the timers. I might be talking b@ll@cks there but hey, won't be the first time! (or last).
I don't think potential corrupt backups are a problem, because the CF reapplies the data via validation (it has to in order to restore recording schedules to potentially changed service IDs). However, recreating the desired schedule by hand is sure to be safe, and avoids carrying over unwanted entries.
Your experience with duplicate recording schedules and deleting them sounds similar to what happened to me when I first tried using the schedule backup & restore function via the web interface. What happened in my case was that restoring the schedule created duplicate entries, as if it hadn't deleted the existing schedule before doing the restore. Then, as you found, deleting one of the duplicate entries caused both to be removed. I fixed it by deleting the whole schedule and re-entering it via the remote, referring to a copy of the schedule captured from the web interface before I deleted everything.