Failure to Record/HD read only?


CFW 3.03 (build 2368), Web-IF 1.2.8-8, Humax 1.03.12 (kernel HDR_CFW_3.03).

When I switched on this evening I got the green screen which I believe is due to HDMI handshake problems. This was slightly surprising as only 1 program was being recorded, I only occasionally see this when 2 are being recorded.

Whilst waiting for the recording to finish, I accessed the Web-IF, whichever page I displayed I had to keep acknowledging the same CFW updates, something I haven't seen before. Whilst browsing recordings, I noticed that items that should have been recorded yesterday had not been and the current recording was behaving oddly. The drop down status was not showing anything being recorded and no file appeared to be being recorded. I then tried to clear a log file, this appeared to be succesful but the file contents were not cleared and its size didn't change.

As the recording did not appear to be happening, I hit the power button at the back, gave it a few minutes and then powered up again. This allowed me to clear a log file.

The EPG currently shows 2 programs being recorded, the on screen schedule and Web-IF show the same, but no files for the recordings are visible (on screen or Web-IF).
Can anyone suggest what's going on?
I'd guess that the disk went read-only due to a filesystem problem. You should run a disk check from maintenance mode.
Seemed to be taking longer than that, so I gave up and left it going overnight. It showed various problems, multiply claimed blocks, incorrect ref counts and block counts. It appears to be working normally now. Thanks for the help, do you have any idea what causes the disk to get into this state? Is there any way of getting some form of notification if/when this occurs?
I should have said 30 minutes if the filesystem doesn't need repairing.
Fileysstem problems like these are generally triggered by box crashes, sudden loss of power or underlying hard disk problems.
The web interface does alert if about any hard drive problems but can't check the filesystem.
The best bet is to run fix-disk every few months as precautionary measure.