Family Folders ?


I seem to remember a mod that allowed specific programs to be automatically saved to a certain folder.

Is that possible.. or wishful thinking ?

I'd like to make it so items my daughter records goto her folder, my son his folder and so on !


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We have the sweeper package, or series filer. Series filer continues to relocate future recordings in a series to the place you relocated the first one. Sweeper needs some kind of distinguishing feature to decide where to put a recording.

How would you identify which recordings should be relocated where?


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Sweeper can replace series-filer too and I'd recommend it for new deployments. You just tell it to look in the folder tree for a previously moved folder. So if you record something new then move the resulting folder to somewhere like "Her stuff/soaps/" then the next time an episode is recorded sweeper will move it to the same place. That is it will follow the manual move. The required configuration for that is just:

folder action {fileunder ""}